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Recent Criminal Case Victories

Willful Trespass Charge Dismissed in the Newport County District Court on 7/19/2023

July 2019


In a recent successful case resolution, Attorney Angelica Bovis of the Marin, Barrett, and Murphy Law Firm achieved a favorable outcome for a client in a case involving a Willful Trespass charge. The case was brought before the Newport County District Court following an incident involving the client and Newport Department of Environmental Management (DEM) Enforcement officers.

The incident occurred while the client was on vacation in Newport, Rhode Island, accompanied by his son and mother. During their visit, the client ventured into an abandoned building situated within a state park. Here, he was confronted by DEM officers, who accused him of trespassing on the property. As a result, the client found himself under arrest for Willful Trespass.

Understanding the potential complexities posed by the client's out-of-state residence, Attorney Angelica Bovis immediately engaged in strategic legal maneuvers. Recognizing that the client hailed from Arizona and the difficulties associated with frequent travel to Rhode Island for court appearances, Attorney Bovis commenced negotiations with the prosecution well in advance of the first court date. Her aim was to ensure the best possible resolution for her client while minimizing the need for him to travel.

Attorney Bovis's proactive measures proved to be pivotal in securing a positive outcome for the client. As a direct result of her dedicated efforts, she managed to have the Willful Trespass charge dismissed. She was able to negotiate a resolution whereby the client was given the opportunity to make a $300 donation to a Rhode Island Wildlife Foundation as part of the disposition of the charge. Importantly, this resolution allowed the client to avoid the logistical challenges and expenses associated with traveling back to Rhode Island.The case exemplifies the Marin, Barrett, and Murphy Law Firm's commitment to its clients, ensuring that their best interests are served through tailored legal strategies.

CASE RESULTS: WILLFUL TRESPASS CHARGE DISMISSED after a $300 donation to a Rhode Island Wildlife Foundation on July 19th, 2023

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Court: Newport District Court

Angelica Bovis

Angelica is an associate attorney at Marin & Barrett, Inc. and is licensed to practice in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She specializes in criminal defense, traffic citations, and personal injury.  Prior to joining our team Angelica graduated from Roger Williams University in 2018 with a B...

Attorney Marin Named A SuperLawyer for Ten Consecutive Years 2014-2023

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