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The Police frequently charge individuals with domestic disorderly conduct in Rhode Island when a couple is involved in a heated argument  The criminal offense carries extremely severe consequences such as the potential for up to 6 months jail time, a mandatory batterers intervention program and a permanent criminal record.

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Due to these severe domestic violence penalties, a Rhode Island domestic disorderly conduct charge should not be taken lightly. Even if you were simply in a loud argument with a significant other or family member, you can easily find yourself charged with domestic violence offense such as disorderly conduct. The average person does not also realize that as soon as you are charged with one of these domestic violence offense you will be immediately ordered to have “no contact” with the other party to the incident.

While you may believe that it was a “minor” incident and that the court and prosecutor will clearly see that nothing happened and dismiss the case, this is a common misconception that can have devastating consequences.  If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, it is not a legal matter to take lightly.  You need the legal counsel and legal advice of an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney right away to begin preparing your legal defenses to this domestic violence matter. Don't leave your criminal record to chance!

In our opinion, no one should ever appear for a court date facing domestic violence charge without an experienced defense attorney. While the reason that you were arrested might have been a “minor” incident where nothing really happened, the weight of the entire criminal justice system will begin to twist and contort words, actions, and past history against you. Oftentimes, the Rhode Island prosecutors and Rhode Island judges are not concerned with what has happened, they are more worried about what might happen. For this reason, even in domestic disorderly conduct charges in which no physical altercation has occurred the Court will refuse to vacate no contact orders where neither party wants to have a no contact order in place.

When a “no contact” order is issued in a domestic violence case, the order prohibits the individual charged with domestic disorderly conduct from contacting the subject of the no contact order. It does not prevent the individual protected by the order from contacting the defendant. However, all too often individuals charged with minor domestic disorderly conduct charges end up serving time in prison for violating a no contact order. Even if the contact is consensual, and even initiated by the other party, if it is observed by the police or reported to the police it constitutes a new criminal offense for violation of a no contact order. Moreover, it also constitutes a violation of the terms and conditions of your bail in which you promised to keep the peace and be of good behavior. Typically, in this situation the prosecution and court will seek to revoke your bail and have you held without bail for two weeks as a bail violator under Rule 46G.

Contact domestic disorderly conduct defense attorneys at the Marin, Barrett, and Murphy Law Firm today for a no obligation domestic violence defense strategy session. We can offer defense suggestions, and let you know what steps we can take to possibly beat the case, and keep your record clean. To discuss your domestic violence charges with an aggressive defense attorney, call 401-228-8271 or email at [email protected].

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We take our job defending individuals charged with domestic criminal charges very seriously, and we work relentlessly to achieve the very best result for our clients in and out of court. I strongly believe that a well-planned domestic violence defense strategy and the assistance of an experienced and skillful criminal defense attorney can make all the difference between a criminal conviction - and a verdict of “not guilty.”

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